Newer IT is Bridging the Digital Divide for the Charity MCS.


Newer IT is Bridging the Digital Divide for the Charity MCS.

By refurbishing donated redundant working IT equipment Digital Pipeline* is working on bridging the digital divide, our charitable objectives enable the organisation to send equipment anywhere in the world - The world is our oyster!

 So it was great to be able to support MCS-Aware – a Hitchin based charity and the only one in the UK who support people disabled by Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS). With demand for their services tripling in the last year they were in desperate need for newer PC’s. When CEO Nicki Greenham knew Digital Pipeline was able to help she was thrilled:

“MCS-Aware doesn’t receive any statutory funding so we rely on donations to keep going. More and more people are developing hypersensitivities. The condition varies from reactions to everyday things like perfumes and cleaning products, to the more severe form where people are left bedbound reacting to everything around them including medicines and food. We started off working from my house, but the amount of enquiries we’re receiving each year means the charity now needs proper premises and better equipment. This equipment from Digital Pipeline will mean that we can help more people to cope and recover from this debilitating condition.”

Sharon Roberts from Digital Pipeline:  “Digital inequality matters; those without access or the right combination of access, skills and knowledge are missing out. This impacts not only individuals but their families, communities, and the economic and social health of a nation. Our ambition is to empower and equip all people (regardless of age, gender or ability) by supplying IT equipment to bridge the digital divide”

We know IT is critical to bring equality and overcome barriers; it would be easy to think that in the UK everyone had access to a PC and broadband, but currently with 8 million adults’ offline and 5.9 million never having used the internet this is not the case; Digital Pipeline is working on changing these statistics.

If you have any IT equipment you no longer need, put it to good use, and help transform lives – email  or call 03000 11 22 33 or email:

*Digital Pipeline also uses Computers 4 Africa as a working name. 

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