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Digital Pipeline- a UK registered charitable Social Enterprise with a worldwide mission, working into Africa as Computers 4 Africa it is an is an example of how the UK is working collaboratively to have a positive impact on the global climate change agenda.

 The ‘Digital Ambassadors’ programme was launched in Spring 2016 initially into 5 African countries -  Zambia, The Gambia, Tanzania, Nigeria and Namibia – this is set to increase.  This programme is committed to supply refurbished affordable computers and laptops into education and humanitarian projects using existing relationships within each country.

We believe technology should be a right and not a privilege, and by making IT available to the next generation they will be enabled and equipped to function as equals. We know a skilled IT trained workforce is a key factor in Africa’s ability to boost productivity, attract investment and develop.

Education in ICT levels the playing field across the world; equality is improved as students are equipped and empowered regardless of gender, race, disability or social standing; with an increased earning potential, this helps lift them and their entire family out of poverty forever!

Our Digital Ambassadors are building an awareness of the need and provide opportunity for their community to access IT. By working alongside our ambassadors Digital Pipeline can provide resources, equipment and support.

 The Gambia  -  Haddy Njie

Gambia: 0022 0737 6666                                                                                   UK: 0044 790 583 0925                 



 Nigeria – Lanre Sanni                                                   (eback2school)                                                                              Nigeria:  +234 703 9221 997                                                                               Nigeria: +234 816 4740 017


 Tanzania – David Luhanga (DaLu)

Tz: +255 715 550 304                                                                                         UK: +44 778 603 3865



     Zambia – Milden Choongo (Choongo)                  

Zambia:  0026 097 441 1738                                                                                  UK: 0044 7757 254676                                                                                                                                            Email:


Namibia  - Gideon Cornelissen


More information coming soon







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