Transcent IT - IT company recognises the 'sense' of reuse


 Transcent IT - IT company recognises the 'sense' of reuse

Are you thinking about replacing your computer or laptop? Rather than throwing it out, why not donate your old equipment instead?

Computers 4 Africa are a part of the Digital Pipeline charity. Their aim is to, 'help bridge the digital divide' by sending refurbished computers and laptops to Africa, particularly to schools, libraries and health organisations.

The charity believes that 'by making IT available to the next generation, they will be enabled and equipped to function as equals. We know a skilled IT trained workforce is a key factor in Africa’s ability to boost productivity, attract investment and develop.'

The organisation has previously worked in 23 countries across Africa, sending over 55,000 computers to those in need. If your equipment is eight years old or newer, Computers 4 Africa can offer complete data destruction 'meeting all your WEEE regulation requirements'.

Computers 4 Africa say that donating IT to them 'benefits some of the most disadvantaged young people in the world. An IT educated student in Africa has better employment opportunities after graduation, meaning higher wages and the chance to bring move out of poverty.'

'It gives employees and businesses in the UK a chance to contribute to a genuine cause and see the effect of their generosity.' If you're interested in donating your old equipment.

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