Great Ormond Street Hospital


Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH) School provides education to inpatients in an enriching and enjoyable format that aims to maintain normality through learning. Where appropriate they follow the framework of the National Curriculum.

Teaching is carried out, alongside schools, in a variety of locations including at the bedside and in the main schoolroom area.  GOSH and the University College Hospital (UCH) provide teaching to children of statutory school age.  Education is a vital part of treatment                                                 and an essential component at Great Ormond Street.

For several years Computers 4 Africa have been working with The Children’s Hospital School, who have generously donated their redundant equipment to Computers 4 Africa. In return we have provided them with a free, green, safe and totally secure IT disposal service.  In total their donations will impact more than 600 children in Africa helping to bring them into the technological age.

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