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Digital Pipeline (Working As Computers 4 Africa) a UK registered charity and Microsoft Registered Refurbisher; arrived in Unit 10, Central Retail Park, Falkirk three days before Hogmanay, with a mission to challenge, engage and inspire the local community to rethink how they disposed of their old working computers and IT equipment. With so many gifts and sale bargains being bought at this time of year the opportunity to both reuse equipment, rather than landfill or recycling has got to be an alternative worth considering.

By sending out invitations in advance to schools, businesses, local councillors and officers to visit our first donation appeal in Falkirk on 28th December 2012 (with a plan to return on termly basis). We were able to let you know that for organisations working in partnership, we can help with compliance with the WEEE legislation, the meeting of environmental and CSR targets. Specifically for schools - we can help with demonstrating good Citizenship with a positive community presence socially, environmentally, and nationally / internationally.









During the donation appeal the team were ready with a warm welcome, to talk with you about our work across Africa; the delivery of IT based education and why it is crucial to relieve poverty levels, increased career opportunities and bring equality, in addition to accepting your redundant IT equipment.

For our second appeal (30th April & 1st May) contact was made again to the community along with an advert in the Falkirk Herald.  Including a collection from a local business in Falkirk over 185 items of equipment was donated this will result in 1080 Africa children accessing computers for the first time.                           

Impromptu* visits outside of our donation appeals are very welcome, even weekends if that's best for you. Although this may take a little longer to arrange, we will ask for one of our willing volunteers to host your visit with us. This is the ideal time to visit the site, view information boards and video displays about the work of Computers 4 Africa, with educational boards showing the poverty and low level of education; the low availability and use of IT across each of the 53 African counties. You will see a mock-up of a shipping container and how it can be converted into an IT Lab on site in at an Africa school, (with a chance to sponsor a similar one). You can look and see how your donated IT can make huge differences to individuals and their community and how this generates a pebble effect, which creates a different way of thinking and starts to bridge the digital divide. We will explain what we do and how we are changing the future of more than 1,200,000 African children to date.      


*To arrange a visit please contact Sharon Roberts who will be very happy to make the necessary arrangements.

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