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Over the last few years Computers 4 Africa has shipped tens of thousands of computers to schools and communities in 18 African nations including: Benin, Cameroon, Ethiopia, The Gambia, Ghana, Kenya, Madagascar, Malawi, Namibia, Rwanda, Sierra Leonne, Somalia, South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia, Zimbabwe and Nigeria.

Working with non-profit organisations across Africa, we are dedicated to reducing the cost of IT. As a social enterprise the cost you pay per PC relates to refurbishment, transportation to port and shipping. One donation for items ordered, then pick up your equipment from a prearranged storage point in your own country.

Under the name Computers 4 Africa we are able to provide computers to African countries only however, under the name Digital Pipeline, we are able to provide computers to school and projects Worldwide.

Application Process:

  1. Complete the Application Form. (You can download forms here or fill in the online application).
  2. We review your application supported by our in-country partners who may contact or visit you
  3. When you have recieved approval we will work with you to arrange a shipping date. Due to the cost and organisation of shipment we group applications together to send out containers to countries. 

Computers 4 Africa targets the poorest causes by donating free of  charge 10% of the computers we send out. This remains at the discretion of Computers 4 Africa.


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