Member - BWA Bevil Williams Associates

Member - BWA Bevil Williams Associates
Member - BWA Bevil Williams Associates

Bevil Williams, CEO of Digital Pipeline, is passionate about the role that better IT infrastructure has to play in the global development of education and healthcare.


Digital Pipeline, whose working name on the continent of Africa is Computers4Africa, has provided hundreds of thousands of PCs to schools, universities, libraries, healthcare facilities and other community organisations across 25 countries in Africa, helping millions of individuals to have access to technology that changes lives.


Changing lives underpins the work of Digital Pipeline and Bevil’s 25 years experience in both consultancy and the social enterprise sector has seen him involved in numerous projects that have helped shape new IT infrastructure in the UK and in developing countries addressing the digital divide that so often exists.


Microsoft, through the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation, was a founding member of Digital Pipeline, and they have continued supporting the initiative since its inception in 2004. Bevil was appointed CEO of Digital Pipeline in 2015 and since then he has been instrumental in the planning, development and delivery of effective IT infrastructure programmes across the continent of Africa.


Bevil’s intimate knowledge of the unique issues that Africa faces in developing sustainable IT infrastructure has enabled him to pinpoint exactly where the problems are and forge the best relationships to deliver the hardware, technology, connectivity and overall infrastructure required to make a real difference.


Through building a network of secured partnerships with Tier 1 and Tier 2 providers, Bevil is able to put the solutions in place that can be imitated at a local level and across the districts of Africa. Then, through a network of African entrepreneurs, the knowledge of how to develop a sustainable IT infrastructure, is evolved throughout the continent, enabling creativity and innovation and bridging that digital gap.


Bevil now plays a key role in advising governments in developing countries in how to identify and take the all-important steps in developing their own sustainable IT infrastructures for the benefit of everyone