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Give Your Old Computer A New Lease Of Life

“When the PC was launched, people knew it was important” 

When Bill Gates said this did he realise quite how life changing and world impacting this piece of technology would be!



As a registered UK charity and Microsoft Refurbisher, Digital Pipeline aims to open the door to IT education to children across the globe. In the United Kingdom, our charity provides an ethical and economical solution to IT disposal at no charge to our donors. Donated items, are cleaned, PAT tested, refurbished, and securely datawiped at our headquarters in Kent. These items are then distributed to schools, colleges and projects across the world; our distribution efforts were first established within Africa through our working title, Computers 4 Africa.    

Donated computers go on to give skills which provide a child with increased career opportunities and a salary many times high than the average; this goes a long way to break the poverty cycle and bridge the digital divide. Currently, the vast majority of unwanted computers still end up in landfill; Digital Pipeline is continually looking to increase awareness in the UK with the environmental message of ‘reuse then recycle’; although still in its formative stage, recycling in Africa is a major part of our mission.

Technology is life changing. It is evident in the many transformed lives of children and students of all ages across Africa. 

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”

~Nelson Mandela~

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